Staying in hospital in Nottingham

You may have known in advance that your child was going to be admitted or you may have arrived in an emergency.  Whatever way your child came to be admitted to Nottingham Children's Hospital, it can be difficult to adjust to being somewhere that is unfamiliar .

You may be dealing with:

  • seeing your child who is ill, or having to undergo procedures which may be difficult for them
  • having lost sleep and already be exhausted
  • worrying about other children who need caring for
  • or any one of a number of things which are part of life outside the hospital

What parents have told us about hospital visits and stays

Coming soon: We will post here some quotes and videos from parents whose children have been admitted.

What to bring when your child needs to stay in hospital

  • Clothes for you and your child
  • Baby milk and nappies, wet wipes etc
  • Toiletries for yourself – any creams, gels or make up you regularly use
  • If you take any medication yourself, don’t forget to bring it with you and make sure you have enough to last until you return home
  • Phones/tablets/laptops and their chargers
  • Your child’s favourite toys, games, books, as well as any books or pastimes you both may enjoy e.g. puzzle books, magazines or small craft activites
  • Your child’s favourite cuddly toy and maybe photographs of friends, family or pets
  • Diary/organiser/notebooks/pens
  • Favourite snacks and drinks
  • Pyjamas, slippers and dressing gowns
  • Washing powder or liquid

Read more about Ward E17 here.

Letting people help you

It may be difficult for you to think about what is happening outside the hospital or be willing to accept help from family and friends.  You may have always been able to manage without this but having a child who has a long term condition will mean hospital visits and possibly in-patient stays and there is nothing wrong with accepting or asking for help from those around you.  People often want to help and accepting it is not a sign of failure on your part – we all need help in difficult times.

Have a look at our list of ideas about how others may be able to help you and share these with your family and friends. 


Shops that are near to the hospital

Sainsbury’s (closest large supermarket to QMC, 5 minutes drive or 20 minutes walk)

Castle Bridge Road

Castle Marina



Loughborough Road

West Bridgford

NG 2 7JA

Tesco Extra (10 minutes on the Tram from QMC towards Toton Lane)

1 Station Road



Premier Convenience Store (5 minutes walk from the QMC)

2, Leen Gate




Places nearby if you need a break or want to take siblings to 

Woolaton Hall and Park


2.6 miles away – 11 minutes drive

Large parkland with hall, gardens, lake and children’s play area plus café


Lakeside Arts Centre

University Park


Arts and exhibition centre with café, play area, gardens and boating lake

0.5 miles, 5 minutes drive or 10 minutes walk via the tram bridge or footbridge over the A52 


Rushcliffe Country Park


NG11 6JS

6 miles – 14 minutes drive

Trails with pond and wildlife areas, outdoor play area and café


Attenborough Nature Reserve

Barton Lane

NG9 6A2

5 miles – 20 minutes drive

Nature trails, ponds, hides and exhibitions with café.


Beeston town centre


10 minutes on the tram from QMC (direction: Toton Lane)

Good choice of town centre parking 

Large selection of shops including Tesco, Lidl and Sainsbury's supermarkets as well as lots of cafes and places to eat


West Bridgford town centre

Parking next to the library - NG2 6AT

Just under 5 miles – 13 minutes drive

Large park and library with good children’s and young people’s areas

Small selection of shops and numerous eating places



Places of Worship 

There are areas on D floor of the hospital near the Chaplaincy dedicated to different faiths.

Chaplaincy staff will be able to advise you about places/times of worship in the local area