Click here for the latest information on influenza vaccination for children with kidney disease.  


With support from the pharmaceutical company Sandoz, we have produced two short videos to help prepare children and young people for a kidney biopsy

Sophie has a renal biopsy is aimed at younger children:  

Charlie has a renal biopsy is aimed at teenagers who choose to use Entonox for sedation.  Young people who are unsure whether to have Entonox or intravenous sedation may want to watch both videos. 

Over the years we have produced a number of information booklets for parents on various conditions and procedures.  With the help of a psychologist, we have also produced a number of story booklets to help prepare children for commonly performed proceedures.  

Please click the link for the leaflet or booklet in question:

Information for parents

  1. Your child and chronic kidney disease
  2. Transplantation
  3. Dietary advice for children on dialysis
  4. Warts and kidney disease
  5. Daytime wetting
  6. Caring for your child's Mitrofanoff
  7. Caring for your child's indwelling catheter
  8. Managing your child's antegrade colonic enema (ACE)
  9. Clean intermittent catheterisation - information for schools
  10. Bedwetting - a guide to alarm use
  11. Information on TENS for children with over-active bladders

Story booklets to help children prepare for procedures

  1. Mary has a MAG3 scan
  2. Graham goes for a GFR
  3. Brian has bladder pressure studies
  4. Arnold has a DMSA scan
  5. Annie needs a blood test

Other useful documents to download

  1. Nephrotic syndrome diary sheet (This download can print a double-sided sheet - set printer to "Duplex - open to left")
  2. Urine frequency-volume chart
  3. Estimation of overnight urine volume chart

Here are some useful preparation videos from Scotland for children who need hospital tests: