We seek to carry out research on clinical care and implement new scientific knowledge to maintain the network at the leading edge of paediatric renal and urology care.

Nottingham Children's Renal and Urology Unit has always been actively involved in clinical research to improve the care of patients and contribute to the scientific knowledge regarding renal disease in childhood.  

We have carried out research and published in a diverse range of topics including urinary tract infection in childhood, enuresis (bed-wetting), antenatally detected urinary tract abnormalities, multicystic dysplastic kidneys and the ethical and psychosocial issues of chronic kidney disease.

Nottingham Children's Renal and Urology Unit and other centres in the EMEESY network  also participate regularly in national and international multi-centre trials involving different kidney diseases or treatments.  Current, there are research studies taking place on the treatment of  nephrotic syndrome, the use of drugs to slow the progression of chronic kidney disease and the use of immunosuppressant  drugs following kidney transplant.

Please ask any member of staff if you want to find out more information about the research that we are involved in.

We are involved in the following studies where you can find more information from the following  websites.

PREDNOS.  This is a study of the treatment of newly-diagnosed nephrotic syndrome.  It has been taking place in nearly all EMEESY centres.  The study stopped recruting in late 2014.  The results should be made public in 2017.  We will include some information about the results when they are available.

PREDNOS2.  This is a study of the treatment of frequently relapsing nephrotic syndrome.  It is taking place in many EMEESY centres.

HOTKID.  This is a study of drugs used to try to slow the progression of chronic kidney disease and is taking place in Nottingham only. 

Investigation into the Genetic Basis of Renal Tract Abnormalities.  This study is taking place in Nottingham only.

RaDaR.  This is a registry of rare renal diseases.  Currently only patients in Nottingham can be registered but we hope that it will be possible to register patients in other EMEESY centres as well.  


Early Dietary Phosphate Intervention

Currently Pearl is about to start a study into early dietary phosphate intervention for children with early stage CKD.  If you are interested in participating then please contact Pearl by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or mobile (07501 931391 - text or mobile).  

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