This section of the website contains business documents for the network, including key published documents, minutes of the network steering group and other management information.

Key documents

Network annual reports

Annual general meetings

Network steering group

The network steering group oversees the management and governance of the network.  It meets 3-monthly in various locations throughout the East Midlands, East of England and South Yorkshire.  The group is comprised of the following people:

  • Chairperson (specialist commissioner) - Dr Owen Jones
  • Network lead clincian - Dr Martin Christian
  • Network lead nurse - Ms Shelley Jepson
  • Dietetian - Mrs Pearl Pugh
  • Network administrator - Mrs Judith Hayes
  • Link paediatrician for the East Midlands - Dr Simon Rhodes
  • Link paediatrician for the East of England - Dr Mona Aslam
  • Link paediatrician for South Yorkshire - Dr Gail Moss
  • Local link nurse - currently vacant
  • Pharmacist - Mr Andrew Wignell
  • Psychosocial links - Mrs Suzanne Batte and Ms Dorro Hackett
  • Parent representatives

Network steering group documents

Terms of reference

Network steering group minutes

June 2014

October 2013
June 2013
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January 2013

EMEESY children's hospital support

A meeting to discuss nephrology support and service development for the large children's hospitals within EMEESY was held at Nottingham Belfry Hotel on 7 April 2014.  Minutes and copies of individual presentations are below:

Network vision - Martin Christian

Nursing links - Shelley Jepson

Dietetic links - Pearl Pugh

Administrative issues - Judith Hayes

Developments in Sheffield - Gail Moss

Developments in Leicester - Peter Houtman

Developments in Cambridge - Birgit Ulbrich

Meeting minutes