Individual Guidelines

Guidelines for the children's renal unit at Nottingham Children's Hospital are available for general use.  They can be accessed directly by clicking on the individual guideline title.  

The list of current guidelines includes:

  1. Abnormal GFR referral
  2. Acute glomerulonephritis
  3. Acute kidney injury
  4. Acute peritoneal dialysis
  5. Antenatally detected renal tract abnormalities
  6. Anti-coagulation in chronic kidney disease
  7. Chronic kidney disease
  8. Chronic peritoneal dialysis
  9. Fluid management in renal disorders
  10. Haemodialysis access
  11. Haemodialysis in CKD
  12. Henoch-Schonlein purpura
  13. Hyperkalaemia
  14. Hypertension
  15. Nephrotic syndrome
  16. Neonatal acute kidney injury
  17. PD-associated peritonitis
  18. Renal biopsy
  19. Transplantation
  20. Urinary tract infection

If the link does not work, please go to the NUH website.


NICE now recommend long-term follow-up for all children who have had acute kidney injury.  Many of these children will be treated in PICUs throughout EMEESY; some may have been managed conservatively in local units through telephone advice but it is important that all are offered follow-up.  

Please find below downloadable documents to support referrals:
  1. Referral algorithm guideline
  2. Fax referral form
  3. Parent information leaflet
  4. Physician information leaflet