Bringing your child to hospital can be a stressful event, and for parents too! Our family care co-ordinator team is available to help with the every day issues which can be stressful during your stay.

Directions and details on parking at Nottingham Children's Hospital can be found here. For information on your local hospital please refer to their own website for details.

We are always happy for you to contact us if you have any questions about your child's kidney problem, their treatment, a planned procedure or admission.

Spiritual Needs

To meet your spiritual needs whilst in hospital, we have facilities for prayer and reflection. There is a hospital chapel, a quiet room and a Muslim prayer room on the hospital site. More information is kept on the ward.

Social workers

We have two social workers who are an integral part of our team. They provide support to families during their time in hospital and when visiting the childrens clinic. They can also advise about financial matters and benefits you may be eligible to claim.


If English is not your first language please contact us before any hospital attendance. We can then arrange  for an appropriate interpreter to be available.


One parent or carer is able to sleep on the ward alongside their child. There is limited accommodation away from the ward which is reserved for families who are travelling the furthest and whose children are most unwell. We are planning to expand these facilities in the future. There are shower facilities available for parents.


There is a fridge-freezer and microwave in the parents sitting room which you are welcome to use.  Please ensure any food you bring from home is clearly labelled with your name and date as we are unable to keep unlabelled items. 

There are coffee bars and a restaurant on site for you to purchase food.  If you are going to be resident for 2 or more nights you are entitled to a meal voucher (worth £1.20 a day) to help purchase meals.


There is a washing machine which you are welcome to use. There is a shop and a pharmacy in the hospital which sell basic toiletries and supplies.  We recommend that you bring essential items such as nappies and baby milk with you.