Nottingham Children’s Hospital is one of 10 paediatric renal transplant units in the UK.  Average numbers of transplants carried out per year are around 15 though this has increased up to 22 in recent years.  We try to carry out pre-emptive transplantation where possible. 

The number of children with functioning transplants followed up in clinic is currently around 80.  The transplant service is supported by a transplant clinical nurse specialist responsible for peri-operative and post transplant care and a paediatric renal nurse responsible mainly for pre-transplant work-up.


Registration for the 2018 Transplant Games is now OPEN!


To register for the 2018 Transplant Games in Birmingham, click HERE

You will also need to register with Transplant Sport and you can do that HERE



The Games are in Birmingham this year (2nd - 5th August) so much nearer.  

We took a record 19 children and young people  with the Kinder Crew to last year's Games in North Lanarkshire.  This year we are hoping to take even more! 

Last year's Games were supported by the Kinder Appeal and Kidney Care UK (the new name for the BKPA).  We hope that this year's Games will also be supported by these charities to let anyone wanting to compete for the Kinder Crew and their family to go for free.  

 You can read more about the Transplant Games on the Transplant Sport website and the website for the Games is www.britishtransplantgames.co.uk.

If you haven't taken part before, this year is a perfect opportunity to try it out.  Registration can seem a bit daunting but we will guide you through.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know you are interested.  

obstacle raceChildren and young people wanting to compete can choose up to 5 events.  The schedule for the events is shown here.  One difference this year is that competitors won't be allowed to choose events which occur at the same time so look carefully at when your events take place. There are also several sporting social events and these are extra to the 5 competing events.  The sporting social events this year include:

  • Basketball (for 15 and over)
  • Short tennis (for 12 and over)
  • Sports hall athletics (for competitors of all ages and their siblings)
  • Sport stacking

predonor runThe Donor Run is a special social event that competitors, all their family and all the staff and managers can take part in.  It's a Kinder Crew tradition that we all wear tutus and Robin Hood hats. 

These were all our grumpy faces last year because it was pouring as it only can in Scotland just as we were about to start and no-one wanted to get off the bus!  Thankfully it cleared up soon after this and we had a fabulous time.  


OC2017There are also social events.  The Opening Ceremony is a bit like an Olympic Opening Ceremony with all the teams parading with their banners.   

This year, there will be a trip to Thinktank on Friday evening for all the children and their supporters. We try to organise a team social event and on the last night is the Gala Dinner.  


2017 07 29 PHOTO 00000011

Last year for the first time, a group of 9 young people went with the Youth Service instead of with parents.  They stayed together in the same university flats.  Many were there for the first time.  Everyone had a good time and they all supported one another in the different activities that they competed in.  We are hoping to take a group of young people with the Youth Service again this year. 

The accommodation will be in university flats again.  It's self-catering and quite basic but should be comfortable and families can usually stay together. 

We have some serious athletes in our team but we have a range of abilities and the important thing is to enjoy taking part and support others in their events.  The camaraderie is great and it's a good opportunity to get to know some other people with transplants. 

It's great if people can come for the full 4 days but as it's so close this year, it's a perfect opportunity to drop in and out.  If you're not sure, why not sign up just for the track and field events on Sunday or the Donor Run on Saturday afternoon? 


The deadline for registration is 18th May so don't think about it for too long! 


whole group


Each year we try to hold an information day for children and their families who are approaching the need for a kidney transplant.  This is an opportunity to meet different members of the transplant team and to learn about the different options for transplantation.  There are also opportunities to meet other families who have already been on their own transplant journey and hear their stories.

Presentations from the 2014 transplant information day can be accessed below:

Introduction to transplantation

Work-up and preparation for transplantation

Living kidney donation

Laura's story

Nine children and young people took part in this year's British Transplant Games in Gateshead-Newcastle. We had an amazing team! All tried their best and made us so proud of them. We got a best-ever total of 23 medals: 10 Gold, 5 silver and 8 bronze.  Well done to Declan, Saskia, Harry, Alex, Matilda, Charlie, Isla, Nicole and Emily.  See some of the pictures from the Games below.  Double-click on the gallery to see the photos at their best. 

A big thanks goes again to Kate Frost, the Team Manager but also to Cian Lenihan and Ben Healey who went as volunteers to support Kim managing the team at the event. 

Nottingham Children's fielded its biggest team ever with 9 children and young people taking part, bring back a record number of gold, silver and bronze medals.  

We are extremely proud of all our athletes!  Special mention should go to Declan Bennett who, with a tally of 6 gold and 1 silver medal, won the award for best overall child perfomer.  Well done Declan! 

A huge thanks goes to Kate Frost who so successfully managed the team this year.  

You can read more about this year's Games here.  

See the Transplant Games 2014 photo gallery below to see the athletes we're all so proud of in action! 

If you are inspired, then put next year's date in your diary now - Thursday 30th July to Sunday 2nd August in Newcastle.