Outpatients2Out-patient clinics in Nottingham take place in Children's Clinic East mostly with some clinics in Children's Clinic South.  Both clinic areas are situated on B floor at the Queens Medical Centre.  There are child-friendly waiting areas and a separate teenage waiting area/room in both clinic areas.

On arrival in clinic you will be checked in at the reception.  Shortly after, you will be called by the nurse to measure your child's height, weight and blood pressure.  The nurses will also give you a bottle for your child to produce a urine sample.  If you prefer, you may bring a freshly-collected sample of urine from home but it must be collected into a sterile container.  You can collect these from clinic for next time or your GP may be able to give you a collection container. 

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General nephrology clinics

All the nephrology consultants have general clinics where they see children with less complex kidney conditions such as urinary tract infection or wetting. Clinics take place on Mondays (Dr Hussain and Dr De) and Wednesday morning (Dr Mallik, Dr Lunn, Dr Christian, Dr Kim).

CKD clinics

Outpatients1These are clinics where we see children with more complex or long-term kidney conditions.  Children on or nearing dialysis and children with transplants will be seen in this clinic but also children with other kidney conditions such as complex nephrotic syndrome.  Clinics are held on Tuesday morning (Dr Lunn, Dr Mallik, Dr Christian and Dr De) and Thursday morning (Dr Evans, Dr Hussain and Dr Kim).  There will usually also be other staff in clinic such as specialist nurses, dietitians, play specialists and social workers.  If you need to speak to someone other than the doctor and you cannot see them in the waiting room, please ask one of the clinic nurses if they can contact them. 

The appointment time you are given relates to the time you should see the doctor.  As your child will need to have height, weight, blood pressure and urine done before, you should try to arrive 20 minutes before your child's appointment time.  Later in the morning clinic can become very busy.  Patients do wait longer than we would like and we are trying to improve that.  One reason for this is patients arriving late for their appointment times so do please try to be on time as it does affect others' waiting time.  

Urology clinics

General urology clinics take place every week.  They are held on Monday afternoon (Mr Shenoy) and Wednesday morning (Mr Williams, Mrs Fraser).  Urology nurse specialists are also available for these clinics. 

Specialist clinics

Outpatients3In addition to the above clinics there are some specialist clinics that take place less frequently.  These include: 
The neuropathic bladder clinic takes place on Thursday afternoons once a month and is for children with complex bladder problems such as those associated with spina bifida.  
The nurse-led enuresis clinic happens on alternate Wednesday afternoons and is mainly for children with bedwetting.  More information is available on the urology nursing pages.  
A specialist wetting clinic for children and young people with complex incontinence problems takes place once a month on Wednesday afternoons and is run by Dr Evans 
A renal-endocrine clinic takes place on Friday afternoons every 3 months and is for children with long-term kidney conditions who have associated hormonal problems or who need to take growth hormone. Dr Christian and Dr Randell (Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist) run this clinic.  

Nottingham Children's Hospital is part of the Queens Medical Centre (QMC) which is situated at the junction of the Nottingham ring road and the A52 Derby Road.

Travelling by car

If you are travelling on the M1 from the south, you can exit at junction 24 and take the A453 to the Nottingham ring road.  Travelling from the north, the quickest route is exiting the M1 at Junction 26 and following the A610 to the Nottingham ring road, although if you are unfamiliar with Nottingham, you may find travelling on to Junction 25 is an easier route.  

Parking at the QMC can be limited but there is a good Park and Ride service supported by a Medilink bus which will bring you to the front entrance of the QMC.  Both parking and the Medilink are free.  There are two Park and Ride carparks: the Wilkinson Street car park is convenient for people travelling from the north via Junction 26 of the M1; the Queen's Drive car park is convenient for those coming from the south or from the east via the A52.

Travelling on public transport

Nottingham station is around 2.5 miles from the QMC.  There are a number of bus routes with regular services, such as maroon or orange Nottingham City Transport buses or Indigo, i4 or 21 Barton buses. 

More information
There is more detailed information about getting here on the Nottingham Children's Hospital website.  More specific information about bus routes and timetables can be found on the relevant company websites: 
Trent Barton buses
Nottingham City Transport