What do I tell my other children about my child's kidney failure?

This can be a very difficult thing when your other children are too young to understand what is happening to their brother or sister.  Our team are experienced in helping you talk with your other children and different team members such as play specialists, social workers and psychologists will be able to support you in different ways.  Please tell us if you are worried about this. 

How do I prepare my child for a painful procedure or big operation?

Talk to your child's doctor or nurse in the first instance.  In Nottingham we have an experienced play specialist who will be able to see your child in order to do some work preparing them using a range of approaches such as drawing and with toys.  You can ask to speak to her at any time. 

How can I become a kidney donor?

If you are interested in becoming a living kidney donor you can find out more information on this website.  If you are the parent of a child with kidney failure your child's doctor will be able to give you contact details for the living kidney donor service. 

How can I find out my child's test results?

Your doctor will often inform you of important blood results in the clinic letter.  You can sign up for Renal Patient View from many centres which should give you access to your child's blood results through a secure website.  More information is available here.  Ask your child's doctor about it next time if you would like more information on signing up.

Who do I contact to change my child's local hospital appointment?

At the moment the clinics are mostly managed through local hospitals.  If you have not been given a specific contact number for outpatient appointments, then you can try phoning the local consultant's secretary.  The contact details are on the local hospital pages. In the future it is possible that all the local shared care clinics will be coordinated from Nottingham but we will inform you if and when this change takes place. 

Who do I contact about my child's condition?

Your local doctor may have already given you instructions on whom to contact if you are concerned about your child in between clinic appointments.  If not and your child known to us through clinics in Nottingham or a local shared-care clinic then you can text the renal nurse mobile phone on 07812 275254 and someone will ring you shortly.

Where can I park if I bring my child to Nottingham?

There is parking on site at the QMC but from mid-morning onwards, it can get very busy.  There is also a charge for this.  A cheaper and less stressful option is to use one of the two Park and Ride car parks in Nottingham which are linked to the QMC by a regular Medilink bus service.  Parking here is free and the Medilink costs £1 if using a pre-paid Robin Hood ticket or £1.20 if paying in cash for each journey.   The service is free for any city resident concessionary fares and prepaid Robin Hood season pass holders.  More information is available here.  

Can I stay with my child in hospital?

On ward E17, one parent is allowed to stay by their child's bed on a Z-bed.  There is some provision for another parent to stay in a small parent unit near to the ward but spaces here are limited.  Children who are patients of the children's kidney unit travel some of the longest distances for treatment in Nottingham of any other service; in 2015, Nottingham Children's Hospital plan to begin work on a Ronald MacDonald parent accommodation unit which will dramatically improve the quality and quantity of parent accommodation we can offer.  

Why does my child have to come to Nottingham for appointment?

Our gold standard is to see patients in their local clinic as far as possible in local clinics.  In the last year we have begun to take nurses and dietitians to some local shared-care clinics but it is not possible to take them to every clinic and there are some team members such as social workers and play specialists who cannot attend local clinics.  When your child needs to see other team members or needs to attend clinic more often than your local shared care clinic happens then it will be necessary to be seen in Nottingham.