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Friday 12 October

Sedgebrook Hall, Northamptonshire


Personal practice: what I tell my patients about newly-presenting nephrotic syndrome

Dr Angela Hall

SPIN Paediatrician, Leicester Children’s Hospital


The role of the nephrotic syndrome liaison nurse

Monique Burgin

Paediatric Renal Nurse Specialist, Nottingham Children’s Hospital












Olivia and Natalie

describe what it is like to have nephrotic syndrome


Why the nephrotic hotspots?  A look at the epidemiology and demographics of nephrotic syndrome.

Dr Claire Dossier

Paediatric Nephrologist, Robert Debré Hospital, Paris


Nephrotic syndrome research update

Prof Moin Saleem

University of Bristol, Chief Investigator for Nurture Nephrotic Syndrome


Initiating treatment in a post-PREDNOS world

Mohan Shenoy

Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist, Manchester


What are the consequences of long-term corticosteroids?

Dr Tabitha Randell

Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist, Nottingham